Ending foreclosures, vacated and un-sold houses

We provide safer financial alternatives to protect buyers and sellers from amateur house flippers, slum lords and predatory Wall Street investors.

Community Based Support For Distressed Home Sellers and Disenfranchised Buyers


Every Real Estate Problem CAN Be Solved Without Being Taken Advantage Of

We’ve been helping homeowners and homebuyers solve difficult problems for over four decades. During the 2008 housing crash we consulted with Congress to help the government liquidate the thousands of foreclosures from FHA and FHMA lenders in ways that would be advantageous for both the defaulting homeowner as well as the vast pool of buyers who could not qualify for bank financing.

Our proprietary Consumer Protection Trust™ works flawlessly to safely transfer real estate rights and benefits, and has helped thousands of families solve even the most difficult situations.

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HELP Program

(Home Equity Loss Prevention)
For Troubled Sellers

Our communities are filled with amateur house buyers who prey on desperate and vulnerable sellers.

While some are well-meaning, many have no intention of actually “buying” your house; they are middlemen who go around making low-ball offers and “flipping” the purchase contract to someone else at a higher price, which drives up the price of real estate for the rest of us.

The other cancer in the housing market are the multi-billion dollar Wall Street investors who, since the last housing crash of 2008, have bought up literally hundreds of thousands of single family homes from distressed sellers and turned them into poorly-maintained rental units, driving down the quality of life in our communities, and driving up the cost of housing to the point of being completely out of reach for most hard working Americans.

Our Consumer Protection Trust™ offers a safe, ethical alternative to Short Sales, Foreclosures and any other situation that requires a fast solution to selling a difficult property.


Welcome HOME

(Home Owners Made Everyday)

As part of our mission, we acquire properties from distressed owners, rescue foreclosures, and take on homes that have failed to find a buyer through conventional channels, then make these properties available to individuals facing unique obstacles in the homebuying process.

Our objective is to promote community stability by expanding homeownership opportunities for those who are turned away by banks and don’t qualify for government homebuyer assistance programs. 


Attention Realtors®, Attorneys, Lenders and
Community Impact Investors:

Every day, there are good people in our communites who are struggling to keep up on their mortgage payments, many of them already in default and facing foreclosure.

Interest rates have doubled in the last 3 years, crushing the dream of home ownership for first time home buyers, as well as thousands of others who want to own a home, but can’t qualify for a mortgage.

Almost all of these situations can be solved by moving away from the one size fits all mentality of listing a property on the MLS and adopting smart, safe, historically-proven financing alternatives.

Help us change the way real estate is bought and sold in America and return the housing market back to the people, not amateur house flippers and predatory billion-dollar hedge funds on Wall Street.


Never a Fee For Our Service:

All consultations and services are free and without obligation. Any costs incurred in acquiring or transferring a property such as documentation preparation and closing costs are paid by Housing SC. Our mission is to help troubled home sellers and disenfranchised buyers by presenting smart, ethical, financially sound solutions so they will understand their options and choose the best path forward for their family.