Protecting Communities From Predatory Investors

Our Purpose

After 40 years of dedicated experience in the real estate industry, we’ve learned a few things about morals… ethics… greed… and unfortunately, just plain criminality.

So when we see vulnerable sellers falling victim to predatory real estate investors who only care about exploiting their situation to make a buck, it makes our blood boil…. especially knowing there are so many more safe, honest, legal and ethical ways to solve a real estate problem than having to resort to lies, scams and deception.

Our experience grew into our mission…

We understand first-hand the complexities of distressed housing situations – from falling behind on payments to facing foreclosure, job loss, relocations, death in the family, unaffordable mortgages… not to mention the stress and anxiety that comes along with them.

Some of our staff have faced these crises… our family members have faced these crises… our neighbors have faced these crises. We get it, which is why  we don’t want anyone to have to go through these situations alone, especially the most vulnerable in our communities.

We believe in transparency, empathy, and genuine support.

Through sharing our extensive knowledge, we openly and freely strive to arm sellers with the information they need to navigate the oftentimes overwhelming chore of selling a difficult property, and buyers the help they need to acquire housing when the banks say “NO!” 

Your trust is our greatest reward.

Honest answers, sound solutions, protection from predatory investors.

For Sellers

  • Free property evaluations
  • Safe, ethical, effective solutions
  • Attorney / Realtor® consultations
  • Fast approvals and resolutions
  • No costs, No fees EVER

For Buyers

  • No bank qualifying
  • Credit challenged
  • Self-Employed / Low AGI
  • Fast approvals
  • Safer than lease options

Four Decades of Expertise

  • Thousands of success stories
  • More ways to help than anyone else
  • Safe, ethical, effective solutions
  • Trainer of Real Estate Professionals
  • Consulted with Congress
  • Over $1B in real estate transactions

Our History

Some of our founding leadership group began their real estate careers in the 1980’s when America was suffering a banking crisis that pushed mortgage rates as high as 18% and forced tens of thousands of homeowners into foreclosure. After surviving a couple recessions, the burst of 2008 housing bubble, and now in 2020’s in the middle of (still another) banking and housing crisis, we’re still helping distressed sellers solve difficult problems and protecting them from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous investors.

In addition to working with sellers, we’ve trained thousands of real estate professionals on our systems, including Realtors®, Attorneys, Estate Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners, among others.

Our team members, past and present, have diverse backgrounds in real estate that range from simple single-family home purchases and leasing, to structuring and negotiating 1031 exchanges; title-holding trust acquisition structuring, administration and disposition; trust beneficiary management; loan origination; private note transactions; management of residential development projects; property management, tenant retention, contract negotiations in complex real estate purchases, leasing, escrow and title coordination; rehab and construction project management; tax planning and entity structuring; complex deal structuring, including options, subject-to financing strategies and multi-beneficiary title-holding trusts.

After the 2008 housing collapse, some of our principals met with Congress to present solutions for liquidating the thousands of defaulted properties from FHA and FHMA lenders… so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about solving difficult problems.